About CSO
Employers these days consider more than just excellent academics when they recruit. They look for employees who are bright and action-oriented, with diverse interests and backgrounds. At LUMS we offer all that and a strong academic base, with intensive attention to practical applications of business knowledge.

At LUMS we strive to meet the ever-changing needs of employers and students by creating innovative ways of bringing both together. Every year, we get a lot of encouragement from our employers who participate in our recruiting events. As a result, every year our graduates get absorbed in the market quickly.

LUMS graduates are among recruiters' favorites. The Suleman Dawood School of Business at LUMS is one of the most heavily recruited business school campuses in Pakistan.

Our School of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the greatest centers of learning in Pakistan. Its graduates are working and studying in Pakistan and overseas. Our graduates of MS Computer Science are known for their distinctive edge in their technical competence strengthened with managerial capability. Our BSc graduates are finding a ready market with their in-depth and broad-based knowledge expertise. A huge proportion of the BSc graduates are pursuing higher studies in universities like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Oxford, Cambridge, etc.

The Career Services Office facilitates placements and internships of the graduates of the Masters and BSc programs as well as the pursuit of higher studies on part of the latter. This office offers counseling and placement services and undertakes a wide range of activities that include company presentations, on-campus job fairs, workshops on resume writing and interviewing skills, and job search strategies among others. The objective is to help the students and the companies in evaluating options and making the right choice to match their respective needs. The staff of the Career Services Office is available to make your LUMS recruiting experience as productive and pleasant as possible.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you.

  • Assist our students in career development
  • Provide advice, counseling and facilitating career development opportunities through employment or further education
  • Ensure that LUMS graduates are employees of choice for employers in Pakistan and abroad.
We will assist students to:
  • Assess themselves and define realistic goals
  • Identify attractive work opportunities and potential employers
  • Generate job offers
  • Evaluate job offers
  • Provide career counseling
We will assist employers to:
  • Assess LUMS graduates as a potential resource
  • Set realistic hiring goals and expectations
  • Identify job opportunities best suited to LUMS graduates
  • Present career opportunities in their organizations
  • Develop a sustainable relationship with LUMS
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